Each month I will be updating my crowdlending portfolio. I hope you’ll enjoy it and that my results will empower you to take action.

Here’s what happened on August 2019:


Mintos Crowdlending Portfolio

Mintos has had the highest monthly earned interest of all the platforms I invest in. It is too early to say it was the best option because I deposited in Mintos in mid-July while all the others were only at the end of that month.

Monthly earned income: +14.98€

Portfolio value: 2014.98€

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swaper crowdlending portfolio

Swaper Crowdlending Portfolio

Even though I have some loans delayed, what concerns me the most is that throughout the month I seemed to always have 10% of my Swaper portfolio idle.

Monthly earned income: +3.47€

Portfolio value: 2003.47€

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grupeer crowdlending portfolio

Grupeer Crowdlending Portfolio

Monthly earned income: +5.43€

Portfolio value: 2005.43€

Grupeer still doesn’t have available for investors the detailed information about delayed loans.

I decided to sent an email to them to find out if there was any way we could know about this information. Their answer was:

“At the moment the compound statistics are unavailable, however, we are working on implementing it. 
Please kindly note that for now all loans on the platform are current and have a zero default rate as well as zero delayed payments, therefore you are receiving all the payments according to the schedule.”

It seems too good to be true but for now we don’t have any reasons to not believe in Grupeer. Either way, I will keep paying attention to this special situation and will keep updating it here.

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peerberry crowdlending portfolio

PeerBerry Crowdlending Portfolio

I only deposited money at the end of this month, so there’s nothing much to say.

Monthly earned income: 0€

Portfolio value: 100.00€

If you want to learn more about PeerBerry, see my review here.

robocash crowdlending portfolio

Robocash Crowdlending Portfolio

Of all of the platforms I currently invest in, Robocash was the one with more delayed payments. I’m not worried about losing the money because all of the loans have a buyback guarantee. But I can’t lie it bothers me a little all of these delays. It means less money is being reinvested.

Monthly earned income: 2.11€

Portfolio value: 2002.11€

If you want to learn more about Robocash, see my review here.

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