This month was special for a few reasons. First, because I finally passed the border of 100€ per month. Second, because I decided to extend my investments to 2 other platforms: Kuetzal and FastInvest!


Mintos is doing what’s expected to and I was a few cents more profitable than in the last month. The interest rates are getting lower and lower and my investments are now below 12%. I’m hopeful that Mintos will get its strength back and lift these values in the future again.


Last month I had decided to withdraw 500€ from my Swaper account because I had a lot of money not being reinvested. It turns out that I had my auto-invest settings configured in a not so optimized way (whoops, I guess it can happen to anyone :-)! )

I misunderstood the “Remaining principal amount” field and had a low value in it of 100€. After changing it to 10000€, it started reinvesting quicker. I guess other people were “taking control” of those loans and they never reached a remaining amount of 100€ or below.

Conclusion: I ended up depositing the 500€ back to my Swaper account and I intend to deposit more to be able to get their 2% extra in all loans (if you have more than 5000€ in your account).


I love Grupeer because I never had money sitting around in my account. It is all the time reinvesting and with nice percentages above 13%. I even deposited 500€ more to Grupeer this month.


PeerBerry is doing as expected. There’s an interesting increase in returns this month comparing to the last one.


During more than one week I had around 1000€ still in my account. Hence I decided to withdraw from Robocash and invest in platforms without this current problem. This withdrawal can explain the minor return in this month (and the next ones if I don’t deposit soon again).


I’m fairly impressed with Crowdestor. Currently, I have an interest rate of 17.6% and I expect it to grow much higher in the future. Even though this month I missed an opportunity of 24%, I’m confident that they’ll put more similar opportunities in the future here like they have been doing until now.

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