Make your life happen the way you want by knowing how to control your decisions.

Why Is It So Important To Have Control Over Your Decisions?

Most of us know how to distinguish a good habit from a bad one. Yet, the majority can’t stop repeating the wrong ones. Why is it like this?

There is not a straight answer to this question as there are many variables. I’ll share with you some of these so you can remove some of the habits you’ve fought so hard to not keep in your life.

First, it is crucial to understand that there are two types of pleasure: short-term and long-term.

Almost everyone prefers short-term pleasure and therefore forget or ignore how bad are they doing to their own future. Short-term pleasure equals long-term pain. For instances, cigarettes, fast food, alcohol, and a couple of others are one of the main causes of death all over the world. They lead to many severe conditions such as heart disease, cancer, blood circulation issues, and other unpleasant complications which YOU and only you can avoid.

How Can You Cultivate Positive Decisions?

The key principle to start practicing positive decisions rather than poor ones are related to how you perceive the long-term pleasure.

Everything in life that makes good to you will not be instant (except a very few things 😉 ). It is not by eating a salad once a month that you will turn into a healthy person if you keep eating fast food and/or smoking in a daily or weekly basis!

How can you then decide to change from something that has ever controlled you all your life? Let’s give the example of the smoker.

Everyone who smoked had that cool feeling in the beginning that smoking felt good and was not so unhealthy (or that’s what they wanted to believe). After some time, they might have realized how harmful it could be to them, but they rejected that it could happen to them and therefore did nothing to change it.

In this situation, the best way to associate pain with smoking cigarettes would be to KNOW what could happen to you if you DIDN’T CHANGE anything. It is only by really understanding the true meaning beneath an action that someone will look at a way to change their habits. If a person understands the true harms of tobacco, I assure you that that’s person mind will associate smoking with pain and not smoking with pleasure.

The same rule applies to start implementing good habits in your life. Instead of being lazy, try to focus your energies on the positive things that can come to you if you start deciding at this very moment.

After understanding it, you must IMPLEMENT IT. Knowledge without taking action is useless. You’ll only see a huge difference in your life when you change your mindset to start taking control over your life and your decisions.

It’s never too late. Why not now?


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