To know your purpose in life is the first step to live your life to the fullest.

Why Is It So Important To Know Your Purpose?

Have you ever had that feeling of not knowing where your life is heading? The sense that your daily routine became so mundane and meaningless? Most of the people (including me) probably already felt like that in the past. Though, only a small minority understands why and looks for an answer.

To know your purpose clearly will change your life from the moment you wake up until the time you go to sleep. Life has a limited time yet most of us seem to not understand that or to simply ignore it.

To do things which do not have any meaning for you is a complete waste of time. If you happen to find what you love, don’t stop. Take a little of your free time to do a little bit of it every day. Learn to say NO to things that you used to say yes but that did not make you happy.

If you educate yourself to have the right habits in the things you LOVE, a great positive impact will happen in your life and much likely in the life of others as well.

How Can You Find Your Purpose

It might be a ‘cliché’ but usually, a person finds purpose in life after many failures. The trick here is to have the right mindset and to take lessons when these failures happen. Life will never be easy. There will always be obstacles. It is our duty to stand up and keep moving forward until we find our path.

I will give you my own example to better clarify what I’m trying to explain.

Since a young age that I always knew I wanted to have a lot of money and to be rich. I didn’t have any purpose to help others though. Then I started working and that idea got even stronger in my mind.

Sensitively 2 years ago, I discovered I was going to be a father and that my time was ‘running out’ to discover a solution to achieve richness quicker.

I was looking for short-term goals and just because I had read a few books about e.g. the stock market or e-commerce I thought I knew it all. A big mistake, which I learned from later on.

I lost thousands of euros and I was stubborn enough to keep my Shopify store running with ads for a full year. Sure, I learned about marketing and how to run a Shopify business but I also learned that by not following my passion there will be no will to work harder. Guess what my store was about? Cats! I do not have anything against them but I’m also not passionate about the subject.

The key here was to keep reading some books (please, never stop learning!) that made me see life in different lenses. I also learned that to be rich was not my goal anymore but to achieve financial freedom. The book that made me start looking for the Why first rather than the How or What was the Start with Why by Simon Sinek.

Then I finally found Crowdlending and fell in love with long-term goals. Sure, it can take more time to be financially independent but at least it will certainly happen.


Read the list of books that are helping me have the right mindset here.


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