Have you ever imagined that by just crossing out some words from your vocabulary you can have a better life? In this post, you’ll be more familiar with the power of transformational vocabulary.

Why Is It So Important To Understand The Power Of Transformational Vocabulary?

The simple and raw answer is that it will make you feel good for more time. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of every single soul living on this planet? All of us want to be in a state of happiness and fulfillment but sometimes it seems it’s out of our range somehow. Why is it like that?

Most of us find ourselves lost in our minds and without the capability to bring ourselves up again. Our brain works in many mysterious ways. I believe that all of us can achieve important things in life IF we adopt the right mindset.

Words like depression, anger, sadness, frustration, anxiety (you got the point). etc put ANY human being in a worse state than they were seconds before saying out loud these same words. Have you ever noticed that? I bet you did but just didn’t put so much thought into it.

How Can You Put Transformational Vocabulary Into Practice?

Despite not being a very famous process yet, it’s implementation is quite easy. Remember the less good words I’ve mentioned just seconds ago? The trick is to AVOID saying them even when you’re feeling in a really bad emotional state.

You will inevitably feel less good in some days. But hey, don’t get too alarmed and instead see it like this: without sadness, there would be no happiness. The good thing about the days you’re feeling down is that better ones will come for 100% sure. But if you can dimish the amount of time you’re feeling low, wouldn’t you do it?

Of course, you would. That’s why it is CRUCIAL for you to start implementing transformational vocabulary right now.

There are more than 500 000 words in the English language (your native one might have even more). Why should we keep repeating the disempowering ones? Start the lesson you’ve just learned by using words like passion, excellence, love, gratefulness, etc. Instead of feeling angry you can say you’re not so good today. Instead of hating something or someone, simply do not like it. Keep this kind of thoughts in mind and start noticing the impact it can have in your life and the ones surrounding you.

I’m grateful to have learned this easy to implement practice by the one and only Tony Robbins.


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