It would be nice if things would be as easy as motivational quotes make it look like. But in reality, we all know it is not like that.

We may feel motivated for a while after watching a great documentary, a celebrity telling their success story or even just because… but usually those moments don’t last for a long time.

So what can we do to increase our pleasure and reduce our pain in our lives?

Does Happiness Come From The Outside Or The Inside?

It may seem that happiness comes from external experiences when in fact, it is influenced by them – but it’s not the main factor.

How many times have you felt that adrenaline when your sports team made that last-minute move that gave them the so wished victory?

Or when you received a great result from your studies. Maybe the day you were promoted or when you met that girlfriend also awoke your body and made you feel really alive and happy.

But all seems to vanish after some time, right? That’s because it is a long term process, called biochemistry that needs to be constantly worked on.

It’s All About Our Biochemistry

It is known that different people have different levels of happiness. For example, from 0 to 10, I may have intervals of happiness around 4-7 and you may have from 6-9.

This means that in average you’ll be more happy than I am for most of the time IF I don’t work on myself and don’t push my happiness levels to be around 7. If I could do that, then I would have greater chances of feeling less bad throughout time – and that’s what all humanity is looking for, right?

So, if it’s our biochemistry that decides how we’re about to feel, how can we make that those electrical signals inside our brain, provide more exciting moments? By creating great habits.

Long Term Habits Have an Important Role

If there’s one keynote that you’re retrieving from this post, please be it this one: short-term pleasures are worse than a long-term vision.

You may feel great after eating that doughnut or that amazing ice cream. Who doesn’t? But have you noticed how bad you feel later? In the end, it is only harming your body, which by the way, everyone should treat as a temple.

Of course that some now and then to do something unhealthy feels nice and I’m not saying to completely stop it. What I’m saying is to create healthy habits like exercising, eating healthy, and sleeping the right amount of hours.

By doing the previous activities, in the long-term, you’ll feel fresher, with more energy and strength to face daily problems. Those problems will eventually look like opportunities that you can grab and grow a step further in your life.

All of this is only possible if you get the right mindset. It is hard, but worth the pain.

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Disclaimer: The information that I’m about to share with you was collected from the book written by Yuval Noah HarariSapiens which I listed in my books list.


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