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About Crowdestor

Crowdestor was founded in 2017 and is based in Estonia.

The name of the platform itself is a good presage: Crowdestor (Crowd + Investors) that goes along with their motto: simplicity, transparency, and safety.

What attracted me the most, was the extremely high return interest rate (for now) comparing to other popular platforms available in the market. Do not forget though, that usually high interests also mean that these projects have an high-risk.

Unlike many other peer-to-peer platforms, Crowdestor does not have loan originators. All the investments made by their clients are processed through them (the middleman) and then given to the borrower.

Provision Fund

Differently from the other platforms, Crowdestor does not have the so well known buyback guarantee operated by the loan originators. Instead, they have their own provision fund.

As shown in the past, NOT having a buyback guarantee or early exit fee can also be a good thing as there is less risk of the investors deciding to withdraw huge amounts from the platform at the same time (creating a bankrupt in the company).

For each finished project, they add 1-2% to their buyback fund.

In case of a default of a borrower, the platform will use its funds to pay the investors.

crowdestor buyback fund

As you can see by the image above, their fund is already at a considerable value. Their initial goal of €100,000 was successfully achieved, even before their planned date, which is a really positive thing from this company.

High-Return Projects

Crowdestor gets new projects regularly and from different sectors.

Below, are two examples of the kind of opportunities you can get in Crowdestor.

Mafia Stars (18% + 14%)

The first example I will show you is the 2nd round (yes, there was already one concluded loan!) of Mafia Stars, a popular mobile game. With an unquestionable 18% at the end of the 12 month loan period, there is a chance to receive an extra 14% depending on the in-game purchase made by their users.

If all goes as expected, there is a high chance of receiving an interest rate of 32% in a period of 1 year! Where else can you get it, with such a level of certainty? 🙂

Warhunt (18% + 12%)

Crowdestor even finances movies, that’s right. With an interest rate of 18% + 12% for the period of 24 months, this is yet another great opportunity for investors. One you should almost never skip.

Premium Foods Confectionery (15%)

As you see, Crowdestor has a variety of business types to invest in. This latter one is related to the food sector.

It is also good to mention that at this moment all the projects must be invested manually as there is no auto-invest option.

Verdict Crowdestor Review

Until now Crowdestor has proven to be one of the Crowdlending platforms with the higher interest rates. The diversification of projects inside the platform is good enough to make a good portfolio out of it.

If you’re all about diversifying your money (you should be) then I recommend investing in Crowdestor as long as you can take risks, as it can nicely increase your returns.

Take into mind, though, that there is no secondary market and you cannot sell your loans if needed. Also, remember that these projects have a high-risk and you should only invest if you can afford to lose your money.

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