Dear followers, in February I’ve decided to add two more platforms to my diversified portfolio: Iuvo Group and Lendermarket.

Here’s the table of my Crowdleding Platforms’ performance during Februrary 2020.

Platform Portfolio Value Monthly Profit Total Profit XIRR
Iuvo Group€200€0€0N/A
Total€11 806,80€97,30€210,3710.67%


mintos monthly income school of freedom

In Mintos, I’ve invested in a lot of loans with an interest rate above 15% in the secondary market during this month. It seems that the recent turbulent events concerning some fraudulent P2P scared some people. Here’s when we should take our chances.

I also decided to withdraw €100 (part of my Mintos‘ profit until now) to rebalance my portfolio.


swaper monthly income school of freedom

Similarly to Mintos, I’ve also withdrew €100 (made in profit) in Swaper to rebalance my portfolio, e.g., investing in Iuvo Group or Lendermarket.

Despite this, the monthly income in Swaper was still good.


grupeer monthly income school of freedom

On February Grupeer has introduced two-factor authentication security measure and has added a portfolio statistics page to all the investors.

It’s always nice to see improvements and see that things are moving forward in the platforms we’re investing in.


peerberry monthly income school of freedom

PeerBerry has published a review of one of their loan originators 2019’s results: Gofingo. You can read more about it in their blog.

My results in PeerBerry keep reflecting the great impact of compound interest.


robocash monthly income school of freedom

There’s nothing much to add to Robocash as the passive income was pretty similar to last month.


crowdestor monthly income school of freedom

Unlike the other P2P platforms, Crowdestor, as a P2B (Peer-to-business) does not have monthly payments. Therefore, I’m still waiting for most of my main interest payments and hence the XIRR and profits are still not so appealing.

School of Freedom

Top 10 countries that visited the School of Freedom more often:

school of freedom viewer countries

February was the second-best month so far, hurray!

school of freedom views

I hope you liked to read my crowdlending monthly update and see you next month!


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