Dear reads, this month contains some really good news for all of us: Europe has decided to regulate Crowdfunding platforms!

Let’s hope that the existing platforms will adapt well and fast to the new rules and that new scams can’t appear so easily like nowadays.

Back to my portfolio… I don’t know how the results from the Grupeer Law case will be, but I hope that the outcome will be good, as my total profit right now is a mess, as you can see in the table below, all because of scams.

I want to reinforce that with these lessons of Kuetzal, Envestio and Grupeer I’m hoping to make better decisions in the future and stick only with the platforms I really trust. Still knowing that I can never trust 100%.

Platform Portfolio Value Monthly Profit Total Profit XIRR
Iuvo Group€405.18€3.63€1910.66%
Total€5 915.22€63.67-€2318,358.2%

Let’s now see how each platform performed individually.


mintos july 2020 income school of freedom

Mintos has published their consolidated annual report for the year of 2019.

They’ve also improved their transparency around pending payments, at last.

I had good return this month, I hope to make use of the secondary market discounts more often.


swaper july 2020 income school of freedom

Swaper is currently finishing the audit from 2019. Good thing that p2p platforms are sharing this with investors. Omitting important things such as financials statements are never a good sign.


peerberry july 2020 income school of freedom

PeerBerry has shared some stats with us that clearly show the growth of the company in the past year.

I would risk saying that so far PeerBerry is my favourite platform.

peerberry stats


robocash july 2020 income school of freedom

Robocash average deposit has increased in the past months.

In general, I am really happy with this platform as it has been consistent since I started investing. During the coronavirus pandemic, I’m not seeing any bad performance or wrong decisions by them.

robocash average deposits

Iuvo Group

iuvo group july 2020 income school of freedom

Iuvo Group turned 4 years old! Congratulations to this on-growing company.

They also gifted us with a post about how to get the maximum benefit from their secondary market, which you can visit here


crowdestor july 2020 income school of freedom

I am quite disappointed with Crowdestor during this month. Besides not having a quality environment (I received many email tests), some of the projects are delayed (1 for more than 3 months).

The owner says that the situation is normal because KYC and AML checks may take a few days up to a lot of months. Well… so that should be said in the project description when considering showing the duration of the investment.

Crowdestor has also removed €8 from my account because they mistakenly added an interest twice, so they corrected it now. This means that my account balance is now -€8 🙂

It is also important to mention that they suffered an heavy DDoS attack (who would want this?) and therefore had to change their website to amazon. They proceeded well in this case.

Crowdestor has also renamed its Buyback Fund to Provision Fund and its calculation rate has increased.

I’m still waiting for Crowdestor to manage better the situations but I guess it’s normal as they are still growing. Mistakes are essential for growth.


lendermarket july 2020 income school of freedom

Nothing special happened this month in Lendermarket. I’m still waiting for an introduction of a secondary market.

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