Disclaimer: This post serves as my personal opinion. It doesn’t mean that any of the written below is 100% proven nor that the platform is actually a scam.

Luckily I withdrew all my money from this platform after seeing all the early signs spread by multiple bloggers. Posts like this were an eye-opener for many of us, investors.

Mysterious Loan Originators

Since the beginning that FastInvest decided to act extremely discretionally about their loan originators. Basic information about who they are or how well they were doing financially, etc, were always taken away from the investors.

If I knew what I know today, I would not even consider adding my hard-gained money in a platform that doesn’t show this kind of basic data. Well, we learn with our mistakes.

Until today, we still don’t know who they are, after many promises.

Super High Interest Rates

In the midst of a pandemic, FastInvest decided to increase their interest rates to 18%. Unless they know a magic ingredient different from all the other platforms, this rate seems a bit high and off the charts for times like these.

How is the company doing financially?

There is absolutely no information on how the company is doing financially. No audits, no reports whatsoever.

Where do the Buyback Guarantees come from?

FastInvest has many different types of buyback that assures that no matter what investor will have their money back. Where is this buyback coming from? Who is covering it? Why are investors not receiving their money back?

Money in Investor’s Balance cannot be withdraw

Even investors who HAVE money in their balance (i.e., NOT INVESTED) and have requested a withdrawal, don’t see their money for more than three months. Besides a new fee to withdraw money, investors must write their reason and wait infinitely for their money. Currently, many complaints have already been made to TrustPilot.

Sketchy and expensive team building trips

Not that a company doesn’t deserve to have nice team building trips… but even the biggest ones in the worlds don’t do such kinds of trips. If they kept fulfilling their duties okay… but where are the investor’s money? That’s the big question for now.

What can you do?

Visit this website to know everything you need to be aware of FastInvest and further developments.

And also join this Telegram group to possibly participate in a lawsuit against FastInvest and claim your money.


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