Why are mistakes so essential in everyone’s life?

Most folks feel worried, anxious or feel like giving up when they do a mistake. They fear to be not as good as they always dreamed about.

There’s a misconception that to be really good at something you ought to have some really good genes. Sure, there’ll always be some people who have less difficulty in becoming good at something, but does that mean that “the average Joe” can’t succeed as well?

What Does it Really Take to Be a “Genius” at Something?

Why is Brazil such a good country while forming great football players? What does a small city in Russia have so special to make some of the best tennis players on earth? Why did many brilliants artists appeared in Florence between 1440-1490?

It can’t be pure luck, there must be a secret to it… The beauty of becoming really good at something, is that it doesn’t really matter in which field you are trying to thrive.

What made these places have so many talented people, is that all of them have high intensive training. Not just more hours, but more quality in those hours.

The Earlier you Start, the Sooner You’ll Achieve

It is said that to be extremely good at something, you must at least practice 10 000 hours of whatever it is that you want to master.

Let’s take by example the period mentioned before which Michael Angelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and other popular artists lived.

Were all of them geniuses? At the Florence back then which had less than 50 000 of population?

According to The Talent Code from Daniel Coyle, all of them started really early, and had a master to teach them several hours per week. Not only did they have someone guiding them through their mistakes, but also someone who they could get inspired by.

You Should be Enthusiastic About Failing

The reason why you should start as soon as possible with something you liked and would like to be better at is because of myelin. Myelin is a substance that surrounds nerve cells.

The more you practice in the correct way, the thicker this substance will be, which means a better communication and velocity between your nerve cells, concerning the topic you’ve been practicing.

This actually means that you can be good at anything. That’s why it is recommended to be good at something you love. If you don’t like doing what you’re doing, then it is likely that you’ll stop before this substance has grown to reasonable sizes which can truly have an impact on your life.

Babies Don’t Give Up, Why Should You?

Do babies give up right after the moment they start walking? They don’t go like: “oh okay, walking is not for me”. Instead, they persist, day after day, until they can finally move around the place.

That’s the mentality that some of us lose throughout the time due to external factors or just because we stop believing in ourselves?

Take the example of Michael Jordan or Cristiano Ronaldo. They put more hours than everyone else in the game in a very effective way. They practice more than other players, they review their matches and their mistakes. If someone in the team is underperforming they make sure to make them change their mindset to improve and give their best.

I’ll repeat it: it’s not only about practicing a lot, it is about practicing in the right way a lot. Along the journey, you’ll do many mistakes. EVERYONE does. But don’t worry, mistakes are essential!


I hope that by now you feel more motivated to do whatever you love a lot and in the right way. Mistakes are essential, and without them, we surely cannot grow like many of us so much desire.

mistakes are essential


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