Disclaimer: Read more about the reasons I stopped investing in P2P and why I’m continuing to invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies in the long-term.

Don’t Put All your Eggs in One Basket

Note: The following chart was left here to show how I diversified my Crowdlending Portfolio

This portfolio served as a way to track the progress of some of the Crowdlending platforms I invested in. Remember, no matter how trustworthy a platform may seem, never, but really never invest everything you have in one single company! Diversification of investments is one of the keys in the path to financial freedom. Inside each diversification, try to diversify a little more 🙂

Other’s Investors P2P Portfolios

My Portfolio Reviews

It is extremely important to invest in something you feel comfortable with. Before I started any of this I had a long period of time when I was only doing research. I also tried some investments which weren’t profitable and that I ended up losing some money. These failures are normal. It’s all part of the process of learning to become a more skilled person in every aspect of life.

If you didn’t read anything about these types of investments before, I recommend you to read not only mine but also other reviews. It is important that you feel confident and that you truly understand how a peer-to-peer lending platform works.
Are you ready to start going more in-depth? Here are the links to the Crowdlending platforms in which I invest:

How’s your journey to financial freedom going? Never give up, if that’s your dream!

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