Hey everyone! Already feeling some Christmas vibes or too soon?

When it comes to the economy, do you also think we’re in a bubble?

The incessant rise in stocks and cryptocurrencies along with other indicators all, point all to the same. That sooner than later, a crash will come.

How have you been protecting your portfolio for that (likely) event? Share in the comment section below!


This is how expensive our stocks are in October 2021 (similar to other big crashes in history already):

shiller pe ratio october 2021
Shiller PE Ratio

As you can see, we currently are at really high levels, which basically means we are paying a lot more for just one share when compared to “normal” times.

What are your thoughts for the near future? Please let me know in the comments!

Also notice the spike in my investments, not much different from S&P 500…

If you’d like to know more about my stocks, take a look at the portfolio page.


I’m working on adding a cryptocurrency area in my blog where you can follow the projects I invest in and my reasons to do so.

Until then, here’s my investment up until now (23,90% ROI).

cryptocurrencies stock portfolio - school of freedom


I don’t plan to invest in P2P anymore due to several reasons that I expect to write about soon in the blog. Stay tuned!

Platform Portfolio Value XIRR
Iuvo Group€309,5010,1%
Neo Finance€164,181,49%

*Obs: Don’t make the same mistakes I did if you’re about to start Crowdlending investments by reading 7 things you should know before investing in P2P.

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