I’ve come to the conclusion that I needed to rethink my portfolio diversification. Solo going on Crowdlending was not really one of my best decisions. Mistakes were made, but fortunately, I could learn from them.


My plan is to have stocks (mainly ETFs) representing the largest piece of my portfolio – ideally around 70%.

I see lots of potential in following market indexes that have a good record history, together with a reasonable strategy such as dollar-cost averaging.

I might try to do some technical analysis some now and then, but I think I prefer the fundamental part of stocks and invest in the long-term of markets and companies.

It’s not impossible to time the market, but extremely hard and time-consuming. Therefore, I will reinvest in ETFs as much as I can and grow my compound interest with that.


We’re currently living a frenzy of crypto and as a Software Engineer, I see potential in some of the available projects.

In the future, I’d like to go in more details about some of the coins in which I think are worth investing – even though it’s all speculation and very high-risk reward scenario.

That said, I’d like to allocate 20% of my portfolio to crypto. I know it’s a risky bet, but it’s money I can afford to lose… or multiply in a couple of years from now.

I also believe it will take time until it gets widely adopted worldwide, and I’m ready to patiently wait.


From all of the investment types I’ve mentioned so far, I now think this is the riskier one. I want to lower my investment in p2p to a maximum of 10%.

If you’re not familiar with this type of investment, see my post 7 Things You Should Know Before Investing in P2P.

Real State

My ultimate goal is to sell all of my assets (when they’ll be enough) and go all in real estate. In my opinion is still the best type of investment, as people will always need a place to live.

It is also a sector that tends to increase in value with time.


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