Without long term goals, one rarely gets what he wants. I hope you’ll understand how important it is to have a long term approach in life.

Why Is It So Important To Have a Long Term Goals?

Anything that comes easy and quick won’t last. You may already have noticed that.

The thing is, nowadays society is getting modeled to fast stimulus’ and everyone is expecting things to happen at lightning pace. When they realize they don’t get what they want, they usually get sad and frustrated.

The mind is getting used to getting anything at the click of a button. But listen, long term happiness and fulfillment need TIME.

There are a lot of people who supposedly have everything but are still unsatisfied with their lives. How is that possible? Because they haven’t created a purpose in their lives nor a long term plan to achieve it.

And trust me, it is not so hard to get what you want. You can decide to change the path of your life right now. Simply by having the right mindset and habits, one can plan a future and ACTUALLY accomplish it.

A Small But Self-Explanatory Story

Once upon a time, there was somewhere buried the biggest treasure on the planet earth. The treasure was of such a rarity, that its monetary value was uncountable.

Once one guy after travelling the world for 10 years in search for the treasure, had finally found it (he thought). The treasure was secretly placed on an island in the ocean.

This mysterious guy started digging for weeks and weeks and no treasure was coming on the surface. He eventually gave up and went back home. He told one friend about his adventure.

Curious and thoughtful as his friend was, he decided to not tell anyone and go to the island. He believed in long term goals and knew that PERHAPS his friend didn’t try as much as he needed to.

When he arrived at the spot, he only needed one more dig for the treasure to appear. Is that unfair? No! He believed and knew the power of long term goals. After that, he went on to pursue one of his dreams, sure to be accomplished through a lifetime of happiness and pleasure along with his treasure.


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